injury management

acute & overuse injury management

Treatment and advice for strains, sprains, fractures, impact injuries, inflammation, joint injuries and over-use injuries aiding the healing process and preventing scar tissue formation. Helping to restore full dynamic strength and function.

injury prevention

Regular massage therapy, stretching and/or treatment can help the sportsman become aware of any problem before it becomes apparent and prevent it from becoming an injury.


Strength and conditioning, specific exercise therapy for muscle imbalances, conditioning for a certain sport, training techniques/errors, equipment or footwear advice, quality and quantity of training.

joint mobilisations

Gentle mobilisation techniques to restore full range of motion, reduce pain and inflammation, free entrapment or compression of a nerve.

rehabilitation & exercise therapy / remedial exercise / movement therapy

Remedial exercises to improve range of motion, stretch out tension and improve strength.  These exercises/movements should be applied and performed regularly by the patient and/or therapist.  Exercise therapy is a valuable therapeutic tool which aids the athletes return to competition and individuals to gain full functional fitness.

sls therapy is able to provide:

  • rehabilitation programmes/guidance for injuries
  • dynamic and functional exercises
  • strength and conditioning ideas
  • speed and agility ideas
  • pre/post operative treatment
  • movements to reduce joint stiffness and improve the body’s motor firing pattern